About Susan:

  • Lives in California with her husband of 49 years
  • Enjoys going to the gym, doing yoga, and Qigong, a Chinese system of exercise for energy and breathing
  • Believes in the healing power of acupuncture and a brain-training app
  • Belongs to a book club and a women’s birthday club in an effort to help the community

Susan’s Journey With Cancer

  • Diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in 2011
  • Targeted therapy
  • Two clinical studies
  • Chemotherapy

From Susan’s Perspective

“I don’t get blue. I really don’t, and with lung cancer, that can happen at any moment.

I don't want to be the sick patient, though. I could be on oxygen, I know that, so I have to take advantage of every wonderful, beautiful day that I have. And, I have learned to be grateful for so much more. Your priorities change.

When you wake up in the morning and you're not coughing and you're happy and you're hungry, you say thank you God, thank you universe, thank you somebody, but you don't take it for granted like I did for sure.

This isn't a game, this is scary stuff, but you've got to keep your attitude. It's what I tell people when they first get diagnosed with cancer or somebody calls me and says, ‘Can I have my friend call you?’ I always let them and I say to them, ‘You can't prescribe your own medicine, but you can keep a healthy, positive attitude. It's the only thing you've got going for you and if you give in to it, you don't have a chance.’

You've got to stay strong and positive however you can, and I really believe that's one of the best things that I do for myself.

The most positive aspect of this diagnosis is my attitude, being grateful, for every day, for every moment, for every friend, for every good thing that happens.

That's the good part of having a horrible disease.”