About Janet:

  • Lives in the Pacific Northwest
  • Committed to being a lung cancer advocate
  • Loves traveling, hiking, and the outdoors

Janet’s Journey With Cancer

  • Diagnosed in 2011 with stage 3A adenocarcinoma with the ROS1 mutation, now stage 4
  • Multiple rounds of chemotherapy
  • Multiple radiation therapy treatments
  • Targeted therapy for ROS1
  • Over two years no evidence of disease (NED)

From Janet’s Perspective

“When I was first diagnosed, I didn't know how to handle it. I watched a lot of comedies—in some cases, really ridiculous comedies.

I needed to laugh, and the laughter was good for me. When I felt well enough, I went to science fiction conventions so I could talk about things that I enjoy with people who understand and catch my nerd humor.

Humor makes a huge difference. I think it makes my disease more accessible for other people. It can help put people at ease. It certainly helps me relax a little more, which is sometimes tough to do when undergoing treatment.

I’m learning to live for today. That doesn't mean that I live with abandon and trash anything that might possibly be good for my future. It just means that I try and find some joy in today and enjoy what it is that I'm able to do.

If all I can do on this particular day is to sit and look out the window at a tree, I can enjoy the amazing tree.

I find something that I can do for myself for that day and try and do something that contributes to the welfare of others. That helps me feel like I'm a part of everything.”