About Diane:

  • Mother of two
  • From New York
  • Enjoys traveling and relaxing on the beach

Diane’s Journey With Cancer

  • Diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic lung cancer in 2013
  • Three cycles of chemotherapy
  • Targeted therapy

From Diane’s Perspective

“It's overwhelming when the doctor says you have two months and you have to think about how you are going to tell your family. But, have faith in the fact that there is hope out there and do one day at a time.

You feel so alone when you're first diagnosed. But, the reality of the situation is it's a shared burden.

Your family and friends give you the strength you need. They put their life on hold to support you in your struggle. Finding strength through support groups is also critical.

They recognize that life sucks sometimes, but they offer such unconditional support. It's helpful for you to know that someone else has come through this process or is going through it.

It sounds ridiculous to say, but I'm grateful I went through this journey. It's given me such a wonderful appreciation of life.

I always start off by telling people that when I was diagnosed, my doctor told me ‘Two months'. And, here I am more than two years later and I'm still chugging along.

Don't look down the road too far. Get over the little challenges one thing at a time. There are so many good things in this world. Just focus on the good things, and not the negatives.”