About Dann:

  • Lives in Portland, Oregon with his family
  • Travels to Hawaii several times a year to hike, swim, and relax
  • Works full time in commercial real estate and shares his story through his blog
  • Loves going to Portland Trail Blazers games with his wife

Dann’s Journey With Cancer

  • Diagnosed with stage 3 non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) in 2006
  • Chemotherapy, then surgery, then more chemotherapy
  • No evidence of disease (NED) between 2007 and 2011
  • Diagnosed with stage 4 NSCLC in 2011 with the EGFR and T790M mutations
  • Treated with two more rounds of chemotherapy, then targeted therapy
  • Entered into a clinical study

From Dann’s Perspective

“After being diagnosed with lung cancer, I thought I was dead. I'm not alone on that. The very hardest time is the first few days or few weeks after being diagnosed.

Everything else combined is easier than first getting diagnosed and letting that sink in. I did not have any way of thinking about it that was positive or healthy. You need some time to think about it and realize there are ways to cope, there are some opportunities that come with cancer and you can use it as a way to actually grow.

When one person in the family gets cancer, the entire family gets cancer. Not literally, but everyone's life is affected and it's important when you are considering your actions to consider how widespread the impact really is.

Have hope.

Be open to everything that comes your way, because there is more opportunity for growth than you can possibly imagine.

That comes from understanding how much other people care about you. They tell you things that they aren't going to tell you until you reach into something serious like this.

Also, how much deeper you can reach into your own soul to find things that are important in your life. Find opportunities to grow.”