About Craig:

  • Lived with his wife, two kids, and a dog named Bill
  • Played softball every Sunday with a local group for almost 33 years
  • Traveled to Hawaii every year for his last six years for deserved, and needed, rest and relaxation
  • Volunteered every summer at a summer camp for kids living with cancer
  • Worked full time even after his diagnosis

Craig’s Journey With Cancer

  • Diagnosed with stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) in February 2013
  • Multiple radiation therapies in March and December 2013
  • Targeted therapy
  • Clinical study in July 2014
  • Pulmonary embolisms in September 2014

From Craig’s Perspective

“It's very important that people try and maintain a semblance of normalcy, whatever that new normal is for them, as much as possible.

Ignore statistics. When you are first diagnosed, you can't ignore them. But you quickly realize that statistics are several years out of date, and they combine everyone together no matter what age or medical condition.

So much is changing so quickly now in terms of potential treatments that I just try and stay ahead of the wave and hope a new treatment comes along when my last one quits working.

Be very public with it.

Don't believe everything your doctors tell you. You have to be your own advocate so be sure to question anything that does not quite seem right.

Do a lot of research, stay away from statistics, ask a lot of questions, and get into a support group as quickly as you can, whether it's an electronic one or a local in-person one.

Maintain hope and a positive attitude. A poor attitude will not be of any benefit to you or those around you. But an upbeat one will draw positive vibes and I am a true believer that it has a significant effect on the healing process.”