LVNG With Lung Cancer is a community of over 260,000 people around the globe who continue to inspire, support, educate, and connect with one another after being diagnosed with lung cancer.

From newly diagnosed members to people with loved ones who are no longer with us, we come together to share our stories and support each other.

As LVNG With community members, we each have our own story to tell, but with one uniting message: through connecting, inspiring, and supporting one another, we can feel empowered with lung cancer. And though we can’t change our diagnosis, we can change how we choose to live.

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This site is meant as a resource for people living with lung cancer, our loved ones, family members, friends, colleagues, and anyone searching for lung cancer-related information. We hope that by sharing information, stories, and resources, this community serves as a reminder of the unity, strength, and support that LVNG With embodies.